Japan - Study Abroad 2000-2001
A Web Experience of Japan presented by Chas Grundy

I am no longer in Japan. This site was my online journal while I spent a year studying at Nanzan University in Nagoya, Japan. I have since graduated from that program and from the University of Notre Dame. My website, originally hosted at http://www.nd.edu/~cgrundy1/japan/ is no longer available. I posted it here so that my experiences could be of some help to students out there. Because the hosting is different and because many sites have disappeared, I have fixed/removed links where necessary. I apologize for the poor coding, design, and lack of accessibility. One day I might update it. You can view my current website at grundyhome.com. Thank you for visiting.


Host Family



Hajimette!..Uh, Play Ball?

Holy Scha-moly..

Marathon Man

Change, Change, Change

Extra, Extra, Read All About It!

Flied Lice?

Poor College Kid



Dig That!

-- Second Semester --

Godzilla Returns to Japan

Oh, I'm Sarcastic?

Memoirs of a Ryuugakusei

Haku-jin Can't Jump

So It Goes..

I Have the Body of a Roman God

"Clever Title Goes Here"

Top O' the Weekend to Ya!

!New Pictures!

"Speaking of Michelangelo"

"Good Friday the 13th?"

T minus 3 weeks... and counting


I'm no longer in Japan... check out my regular webpage here.