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After years of resistance, I finally broke down and started a blog. I write about small business, the web industry, and personal development. Pretend to be interested...

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Trip to Arizona

It sure beats the 40 degrees of South Bend, even if there are scorpions and 5,000 foot drop-offs.See pictures...

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Crazy Cat People

(singing)...with two cats in the yard... life used to be so hard... See Adso and Basho...

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Web Design and Web Application Development

This is my company. One day, I want to have an office on Birch Lake so I can take clients out on the water and have meetings on a boat. Birch Lake Studios, Inc.

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Amazing DeJarnatt

A fan site devoted to the Amazing Paul DeJarnatt

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The Crash

I loaned my car to an overworked college kid with not enough sleep. Photos of the Frightening Result

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Japan Study Abroad

I spent my sophomore year of college studying at Nanzan University in Nagoya, Japan. I kept an online journal of my experiences there. After I graduated, the site disappeared from the web for several years. Here it is, in all its glory. Japan Study Abroad

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Delicious recipes from my dad and elsewhere. Recipes